sreda, 25. april 2018


It was a great day and our story wasn't contined at all. We were good friends and I think that this year was more excited that enybody else. When we were eating ice cream and talking about crazy things, that happens this year, somebody look at us very angily. We were very confused and we didn't know what it's going on. The man had a mask so we didn't know who is that. Than Kiara in our group said:" She's not the murder, this is our teacher for art, our class teacher. I know her!" Everybody were laughing to Kiara and nobody belives her. Than Marko took her mask and it was really our teacher for arts. Our class teacher was always the man in black suits and we thought that was the murder. Then she said:" You got me! I was always behind you, because I must see what are you doing". Everybody were laughing and that was really good joke...

torek, 24. april 2018


After parade we all as a class went to the ice cream shop. We were very happy because all bad things happened, but we were still questioning why did all this things happened only on our trips. We went back to playground and all of us had a special story. We were talking about bad guys in black suits. We all thought that was a mistake but when we all saw a new massages on our phones we were scared. Summer holidays were coming but we all knew what will happen if they found us. We all went home. I went home too but I was already ready to leave and go to the seaside. I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about attackers. We were scared but with good reason because they are still searching for us and we know we must do something to stop them.
Illustrated by Adela, class 7a
Illustrated by Jakob, class 7a

četrtek, 29. marec 2018

Luka T.

After we were named school heroes,we had a school parade organized by us and our school principal.At the parade we had our school anthem and a short presentation of what we have been through. Everuone was touched by our expirence and whished that it wouldn't happen again.The principal said that we would have a very special visit but didn't tell who it was. After the school lunch that we had,the principal announced that the date of our relase will be a school holiday.Then the VIP came and it was the president.He said that this is very traggical and that we were lucky to come out alive.
We were named heroes. Illustrated by Jakob, class 7a

sreda, 28. marec 2018


After we remembered that we had a fight.The policemen came to our room and asked us if we are all good.After that they invited us to breakfast and said that we can have anything we want.After breakfast every single one of us was questioned so that the police can know from where we are,why we are here etc... It was my turn to get questioned and I was a little bit scared.The policeman asked very politely and nicely.I told him that we are some kind of blogers and that we travell the world and write about it on our teacher blog site.The policeman was interested so I showed him the site and he fell in love with it.After that he organized transport for us to get home. After coming home we had to present that as a class presentation in which everyone got good grades because everybody's story wad different.Our principal congratulated us for comin home safe and being calm in those situations.We were pronounced "school heroes"...
Illustration by: Žiga, class 7 a

ponedeljek, 19. marec 2018


Next day I woke up in a cozy bed and I saw my classmates sleeping in the same room. I discovered that we are in a police station. I didn't know what happened and I was scared a little bit. My clothes were covered with blood and I had some scars. Then in a hour everyone woke up and we slowly remembered some things. We had a big fight last night. Someone hurted us. After some interesting stories a friendly policeman came to us and told us the whole story. We got some hot drinks and breakfast. We were in Amsterdam. Black men were in prison. But I wasn't so sure about that. Everything seemed a little bit too good….
Next day I woke up in a cozy bed and I saw my classmates sleeping in the same room. Illustrated by Tara J., class 7a

petek, 16. marec 2018


… I see that this guys with helicopter grebe him… Then Nike called me and she was in pain. She told me all her story about guys in helicopter. First I didn't know what I must to do, so I told my parents. They said, that I must to call the police. »Police?«, I was asking. Then I really called the police, but they didn't believe me what I said. I was so scared, that I ran to place, which nike told me. I saw Nike in the car and I ran to her. There were about a hundred helicopters, which were flying above me. It was raining very heard, so I didn't see anything. I just see a group of mans whit guns…
This guy with a helicopter ... Illustrated by Jakob, class 7A
Illustrated by Adela, class 7a

torek, 13. marec 2018


…After that I call Matic and said that I saw a black SUV helicopter. Then he thinks that I am lying, because he thinks that I am going to scared him. Then I said no, no, no, but he once a time said that I am lying. After that he ended a call. Matic called Tim and quest him what is now with this this helicopter? But Tim didn’t put up the phone. Than he called me back and said that he doesn’t know where is Tim. And first thing that I think is that he is joking. But after some seconds he started screaming help, help, help. And ended a call. I don’t know what I must do. After five minutes I know what I must do. I turned on find my phone. After that I see…
Illustrated by Domen, class 7a
Illustrated by Adela, class 7a


It was a great day and our story wasn't contined at all. We were good friends and I think that this year was more excited that enybody ...